Kamis, 17 April 2014

Iran Plans Military Ship Visits Indonesia

JAKARTA - To show military capabilities , Iran plans to bring military ships to Indonesia . It is not yet known to the arrival time of the Iranian military

" We planned in the coming years will be a visit from our military ships to Indonesia , " said the Iranian Embassy military attache Maktabi Ali Fard on Birthday Celebrations National Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the Hotel Borobudur , Jakarta , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 .
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But it looks like the plan will not materialize in the near future . The plan made ​​after the approval granted by the relevant Indonesian officials .

Currently Iran is developing the program . It is expected that the planned visit will get a positive response from Indonesia .

To meet the supplies of arms and military equipment are required , Iran harnessing local industry right after getting sanction from the state of Western countries .

" I believe young people in the Islamic Republic of Iran will produce great results , " he added .

Indonesia and Iran long enough to establish cooperation in various fields khusnya in the military field . The Iranian government also recognizes Indonesia has great potential in defense affairs . Iran hopes the partnership is able to achieve what common interest .


Rabu, 16 April 2014

Mother forgiven Victim, Killer Spared from Execution Dead

Sights touching occurred at a location of the death penalty in Iran some time ago . Moments before the condemned 's neck snared a hanging rope , the victim's mother that he killed slapped his face , and forgive the killer from execution . Inmate 's life was also escaped punishment at the gallows .

According to the Guardian newspaper on Wednesday , the atmosphere at the site of the execution takes place touching. Ordinary Iranians staged executions openly in public by hanging convicted for serious cases , including murder .

However , this time , a convict escaped death after a dramatic forgiveness from the victim's family . The man named Balal was previously found guilty of killing a 18 -year-old teenager Abdollah Hosseinzadeh in a fight in the small town of Royan , Mazandaran Province . The case has already lasted seven years ago , but the execution of the new Balal accomplished this year .
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According to the law of qisas in Iran , the victim's family can participate executes convicted by pushing the chair into which he rests . Of action that is condemned , which has been fitted with a noose around his neck , would end the life of the community while being watched .

Abdollah parents attended the execution Balal and given the opportunity to meet directly with him before he was executed . The moment it is used to express anger Abdollah mother by slapping Balal , who had snared her neck rope and ready to be executed .

However , further action Abdollah mother makes public were stunned . After slapping luapkan Bilal and anger , she sobbed , she was then called on the authorities to release the young man from execution by hanging. Then release the victim's father Balal noose from the neck and he was spared the death penalty .

Seeing his son pardoned , Balal mother 's mother was immediately embraced as an expression of gratitude Abdollah . Two middle-aged woman was dissolved in an atmosphere of emotion .

Abdollah father also reveals why his wife gave forgiveness . " Three days ago , my wife saw my son in him . He said to his mother that he was in a good place and asked his mother not to take revenge. Calming That's what my wife and the message it also makes us think cook - cook until the day of execution , " said Hosseinzadeh , father Abdollah .

Meanwhile , authorities say that Balal must now serving a prison sentence for a murder he did . According to Iranian law , the victim's family can only forgive perpetrators not sentenced to death , while the question must be serving a prison sentence instead.


Bawaslu Recommend Balloting Birthday in Sampang

Election Supervisory Body ( Bawaslu ) East Java recommend voting at all polling stations Pileg re Bira West Village , District Ketapang , Sampang regency . Bawaslu assessing , organizing Pileg in the village administration violated the election procedures .

" The results of the plenary meeting Bawaslu East Java overnight , re recommend coblos 17 polling stations in the country up to 10 days from now , " said the Chairman of the Election Supervisory Body East Java , Sufiyanto , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

Based on the results of the examination of witnesses and the facts on the ground , organizers Bira village elections in the West proved to violate the provisions of the election . In two polling stations , there were indications that the conditions are not feasible , as there are no tents , no voting booths , no chairs line voters , and no table KPPS . While in the other 15 polling stations , Bawaslu not explain exactly on the presence or absence , because there are no reports , however, results recap there .

" To be sure , the activities of all polling stations there was not found at the bottom at 08.00 am , when the rules are voting started at 07.00 pm , " he added .

Another fact which assessed Bawaslu unreasonable , among other things , the level of participation of all voters in the polling stations close to 100 percent . Despite the fact that most of the people there are illiterate , but election voters neat and well targeted at the picture one candidate for the House of Representatives , DPD, East Java , and District Sampang .
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Previously , Bawaslu Java suspect massive and deliberate attempt to engineer voting pileg West Bira village , District Ketapang , Sampang regency . That's because the examination is based on the recapitulation of ballots , found the facts of the ordinary .


Senin, 14 April 2014

Foreign investors domination Indonesian Tourism Sector

The growth of the tourism sector in the ASEAN region recorded the highest . During the period 2005-2012 , the ASEAN tourism grew by an average 8.3 percent per year , well above the average global growth of just 3.6 percent .

Even in 2013 , the flow of tourists to ASEAN countries reached 92.7 million , an increase of 12 percent over the previous year , while only 5 per cent of global growth .

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Mari Elka Pangestu , in APKASI International Trade and Investment Summit ( AITIS ) 2014 , Monday ( 14/04/2014 ) said that Indonesia's tourism sector is the most prepared to deal with the AEC .

Let's explain , in 2013 investment in the tourism sector reached 602.648 million U.S. dollars of foreign investment consists of 462.47 million U.S. dollars , while domestic investment only 140.18 million U.S. dollars . " Most of these investments to build hotels and restaurants , " said Mari .

Mari explained , some investments are being made ​​in anticipation of increased demand , made ​​domestic carriers , including Hotel Santika Group adaah , TAUZIA Hotel , and Dafam Hotel . All three are listed as the most aggressive operators to expand .

The plan , they will add 140 hotel chain until next year . As for the foreign operators , Carlson Rezidor with its partner PT Panorama Group planning to build 20 hotels in the next 5-7 years .

In addition , a number of foreign operators in the country also hold operators in expanding . Call it the Aston Hotel , which is planning to build 150 hotels in the next 3-5 years . While the Accor Group aims to have 100 hotels by 2015 .

On the agenda were held April 14 to 17 2014 at the theme " Sustainable Global Economic Partnership " Mari added that last year the tourism sector generates income of 10 billion U.S. dollars . This achievement puts fourth tourism sector that generates income after oil , coal , and oil palm .
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"Tourism also contributes 3.8 percent to the national GDP , and create as many as 10.18 million jobs or 8.9 percent nationwide reach , " said Mari .


Sabtu, 12 April 2014

Multi Chat Application Account

Before the appearance of the BlackBerry , people generally use Yahoo Messenger and Facebook to communicate with each other . After its flagship BlackBerry BBM service entered the domestic market , the use of Instant Messaging on the PC began to decrease . However weaknesses that are often encountered in mobile chat app is the lack of integration with chat application that runs on a PC platform . To overcome this , you can use the IM + application . Check out his review below :

1 . Download and install IM +

2 . Open IM + and IM + continue to use . If your Android phone has two GMail accounts , IM + will ask you to select one of the account to be used .
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3 . IM + supports your Facebook, Yahoo Messenger , Google Talk , Windows Live , Skype , Mig33 , Jabber and so on .

4 . Instant messaging account Please select the PC you want to use diponsel . To login please select the account tab and enter your user name and password .

5 . To start chatting please tap the Contacts tab and select the friend you want to chat .


Kamis, 10 April 2014

Three "Drone" Come Falling in South Korea from North Korea

Ministry of Defence South Korea (ROK ) , Friday ( 04/11/2014 ) , said it believes three unmanned aircraft ( drones ) were found fallen in recent weeks came from North Korea (Korea ) .

Drone wreckage was found in three different places , including Baengnyeong Island which lies near the disputed sea border between the two countries .

" By examining the three aircraft and devices that are in it , we have secured various pieces of evidence that all point to North Korea , " the defense ministry said in a press statement .

Third drone - which has a length of about one meter , two meters wide , and painted light blue - comes with a camera . Memory card containing photos of the border region and the capital city of Seoul , including the presidential palace , although of poor quality , the ministry said .
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Components drones have come from various countries , including South Korea , United States , Japan , and China , and all of them are widely available . However , all the components of the serial number has been " deliberately deleted , " the ministry said , adding that U.S. forensic experts will help carry out further analysis on the drones .


Rabu, 09 April 2014

L'Oreal supported women researchers Indonesia

L' Oreal through the L'Oréal - UNESCO program For Women in Science ( FWIS ) National provide financial support for women researchers Indonesia .

Head of Communication of PT L' Oreal Indonesia , Melanie Masriel , say , a program that has been underway since 2004, it aims to promote careers in the Indonesian women researchers , encouraging the development of talented female researchers and female researchers rewarding those who got the achievement .

" L' Oreal is also growing thanks to science and the program is devoted to appreciate science , " he said in Jakarta on Wednesday . 2014 National FWIS programs provide funding for four female researchers worth Rp80 million for each winner of the category of Life Science and Materials Science .

All women researchers Indonesia maximum 37-year -old has a master's degree and be eligible for the National FWIS . Application programs can be downloaded at www.loreal.co.id the proposal submission deadline of August 1, 2014 .
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In Indonesia , until last year , the program has given scholarships to 34 female researchers to conduct research projects that five of them have been recognized internationally . One was Ruth A Ningrum , Biotechnology Research Center LIPI researcher .

Research proposal aims to develop protein FWIS 2013 for cancer and hepatitis drugs that can be administered orally .